EUBAT for working professionals

As a working professional you will find the EUBAT the ideal test to improve your knowledge of Europe and the European business environment. If you want to take on a new role in your current company or organisation the EUBAT can give you the foundation you need. In addition, the EUBAT is a credential that can enhance your curriculum vitae/résumé if you are interested in moving to a new job. Adding a new and dynamic set of skills can open up many exciting career opportunities and give you an edge over the competition.


The four sections of the EUBAT cover a broad array of topics. Section A covers European history, civilisation, culture, religion, geopolitics and citizenship. Section B covers European institutions and organisations, their functions and the future of European enlargement. Section C covers intercultural management and human resource management. Section D covers the European economy, markets, business development, accounting, taxation, subsidies and lobbying. More about the sections of the EUBAT…


Test takers are given the option of taking the full test which is three hours in duration or one of the four sections separately. Each section of the test when taken separately is 45 minutes in duration. These options are especially attractive since you can take the full test or one of the sections of the test when it best fits your schedule. And, since the test is offered worldwide at Pearson VUE test centres you are not blocked in to a fixed test period.


For more information on how to register and where the EUBAT is available, please click on the following link: